Sport Supplements LLC
The Right Products for the Right You!
Sport Supplements LLC
The Right Products for the Right You!
Sport Supplements LLC
The Right Products for the Right You!
the new You

The Bodybuilder's Goal
To achieve a muscular, lean, hard physique that shows the
fantastic detail in every muscle via diet, resistance training,
and cardiovascular training.

The Bodybuilding Top Tools

1.  Food
Food fuels growth.  In combination with other factors, it can fuel
muscle growth or fat growth (it's up to you).  Your body needs quality
protein, carbs, and fat for optimal metabolism, recovery, and mental
health.  Complex (low-glycemic) carbs with protein for each meal is
recommended.  Avoid trans-fats and simple sugars as a rule and
maintain a clean diet with sufficient calories for growth (45% carbs,
35% protein, 20% fats).
2.  Protein
Proteins are chains of amino acids, which are the building blocks of
muscle.  You body must have sufficient protein in order to produce
muscle.  You should keep your body flush with protein throughout
the day to ensure growth and reduce the chance of catabolism
(muscle breakdown for energy).  Whey protein has immediate
absorption which is great for post-workout.  Casein and Egg protein
are longer chain proteins that will digest over a 5-7 hour period,
which is great for pre-sleep shakes.
3.  Resistance Training
Resistance training (i.e., lifting weights) is essential to triggering
muscle growth.  In addition to promoting the release of growth
hormone, resistance training is important in the creation of
osteocytes, those cells that maintain bones and fight osteoporosis.  
During resistance training, muscle is "torn" down due to weighted
stress.  The body then begins the rebuilding process, but begins to
adapt muscles to this new stress and muscle hypertrophy (muscle
tissue mass increase) occurs.
4.  Sleep
Sleep is the used by the body for many important metabolic
processes.  For those that build muscle, this is when it happens.  
The day is spent straining and tearing muscle, while during sleep the
body makes the necessary repairs to muscle tissue.  Lack of sleep
will cause lack of recovery and thus lack of growth.  6-8 hours of
good sleep will leave you refreshed and focused for the activities of
the following day.
5.  Attitude
Bodybuilding requires the recruitment of the entire body, including
the mind.  Setting a goal of muscle growth and being excited about
achieving is necessary to ensure success.   While hurling around
heavy weights may not be tons of fun, the results of a dedicated
mind and body will be.

6.  Creatine
7.  Glutamine
8.  Cardio
9.  Tribulus Terrestris
10.  Multivitamins

11.  Nitric Oxide
12.  Joint Support
13.  GABA
14.  Prohormones
15.  Thermogenics/Ephedra

Sport Supplement Products
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